7 reasons why we are funding research in to MS

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Kiss Goodbye to MS is the world’s biggest international community of people building awareness of, and funding research into, multiple sclerosis (MS).

Hosted by the by the MS International Federation, 15 countries around the world have been taking part in Kiss Goodbye to MS this year with the campaign asking people to get their ‘game faces’ on and join the #MSSquad.

Aiming to raise $1.5m globally (equating to over £1m in the UK), supporters have also been getting involved by doing a number of fundraising activities, ranging from giving something up they love for a month, through to running four desert marathons.

Daniel Magson, Kiss Goodbye to MS Global Manager, explains why funding research into multiple sclerosis is so important.

7 reasons why we need to fund research in to MS:

  1. MS affects more than 100,000 people in the UK, and 2.3m people globally
  2. Twice as many women are diagnosed with MS than men
  3. MS is usually first diagnosed when people are between the ages of 20 and 40, just when people are trying to start careers and families
  4. MS is a chronic and unpredictable disease that needs serious solutions. You can read Fiona Boyd’s story about what it’s like to live with MS here
  5. Funding research allows us to better understand the causes and course of MS, helping us to know more about the disease every day
  6. Research also leads to new treatments so that everyone affected by MS has the life they deserve
  7. Preventing MS is the ultimate goal for all of us, and our members are funding incredible work in this field, so one day MS will be a thing of the past

Kiss Goodbye to MS is a campaign about hope, that together we can raise funds to accelerate research into MS and support people living with MS today. We are a growing, global community, and together we are stronger than MS.


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