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Two Stories to Celebrate Two Weeks to Go!

It is Two Weeks to Go and this banner shows the Queen's visit to Neiu Unicum and the Launch of Kiss Goodbye to MS

Kiss Goodbye To MS is just around the corner with two weeks to go!

To celebrate, we wanted to share two of our top stories from the last week:

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

We met with some of our global members in The Netherlands this week and it was quite the royal affair. We visited Nieuw Unicum, the only healthcare institution worldwide that offers care and treatment to a large group of more than 140 people in the later progressive phase of MS who stay permanently. Joining us at the institution was The Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Máxima.

Queen Maxima learned about the multidisciplinary treatment interventions in progressive MS and the scientific research into the added value of these interventions, after which she received a guided tour through the institution meeting clients and professionals alike.

The Netherlands Launch Kiss Goodbye to MS

On Thursday 12th of April The Dutch MS Research Foundation gathered our global members alongside leading researchers from the scientific field of MS to launch their brand new campaign for Kiss Goodbye To MS 2018. The event was attended by Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassador Michel Mulder, who competed against MSIF’s CEO Peer Baneke in a research race.

In addition to the launch of, a new Global grant has handed out to Dr. Benjamin Clarkson, of USA. He won the Global Research Booster Award for his research on the reaction of nerve cells to the loss of Myelin in stages of MS. Supported by the MS International Federation, MoveS and the Dutch MS Research foundation, this really captures what Kiss Goodbye To MS is all about, uniting global communities to support the fight for a world without MS.


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