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Sam Celebrates International Women’s Day

Sam shares a message of support for International Women's Day

Sam has embarked on an epic journey inspired by her two close friends who have MS. This year Sam is running 4 Desert Marathons and whilst her training is underway, she wanted to share this important message for International Women’s Day:


“Two of my close friends are dealing with MS. They are young, beautiful, inspiring women who mean the world to me. Like every other person suffering from this disease, they shouldn’t be.

I met Martina when I was at sixth form college. Martina and I have been friends for more than 20 years, it’s possible she has had the disease for the majority of this time, only recently has she been diagnosed.

Morgan and I met when I was living in Canada. Full of life and love, she took me under her wing and made sure that there was never a dull moment. Morgan has also recently been diagnosed with MS after battling thyroid cancer a few years before.

So what am I doing to help these two amazing women, and the millions like them who are needlessly suffering? Well, I’m running 4 Desert Marathons and aiming to raise $1 million.

Please help me on my way and sponsor my Marathons for Martina and Morgan

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