Louisa has Joined the MS Squad

Louisa has joined the MS Squad. Here she poses with her father on her wedding day

Louisa told us why she joined the MS Squad.

Louisa is 35, and is a stay at home mum for her 2 year old daughter. Louisa lives in Scotland, originally form Wales, Louisa joined the MS Squad because her father, who is still in Wales, has MS.

“My Dad has MS, so I have been looking at trying to do something to raise awareness and raise money. I am not really runner so that was out of the question. Then I saw this campaign and though “I can do that, I eat too much cake” So it was brilliant.

My Dad got diagnosed about 8 or 9 years ago but we recently found out that he’s probably had it for about 15 years before that. It has a bit of a shock, but he seems to be dealing with it now”

Louisa’s Dad had always been active in the Local Council. He was Mayor twice and now is involved with the Pembrokeshire MS Society. “He is group coordinator of the Pembrokeshire MS Society. He is doing quite well with that, he has only been doing a little while, but I think that is helping him, giving him something to focus on.”

Ever since Louisa moved to Scotland, she doesn’t have the chance to see her father much. She explained how the visibility of his MS has been effected during this time “I do notice a big difference every time I go home”.

Like many people with MS, the disease can have a large impact on your life and how you go about everyday tasks. Lousia told us how her father has coped with this change:

“It has been tough but he is tough cookie. His legs are getting a bit worse but he’s had a lot of work done on the house to make it a lot easier for him. He’s had a bathroom put downstairs, he’s also had the upstairs bathroom altered, and he’s had rails put up going into the garden and on the front steps.

It has mostly effected his mobility, he has always been quite an independent person, quite a busy person. He’s got himself a mobility scooter so he can still get around. He can therefore go and do his shopping.

He loves taking photos as well, he lives on the top of a hill so he doesn’t have to leave his front door or his seat in the front room to get a good photo. His mobility does restrict him quite a lot but he making ways around it.

My mum looks after him… when he let’s her.”

Having witnessed the effects of MS first hand with her Dad’s journey, Louisa really decided she need to do something for the cause when her close friend Danny received the news that he had MS. Danny is “he is in a very similar situation to me, like me he’s 35 he’s just had a baby, so that kind of hit home a bit. So I thought it is about time I did something to show them a lot of support.”

Louisa has joined the MS Squad by posting a game face selfie online. The slefie is fierce with two red lipstick stripes on her cheek

That is when Louisa decided to take part in Kiss Goodbye To MS through our MS Squad campaign.

2.3million people worldwide live with MS and this year we are forming a Squad that is even bigger. Our campaign encourages our supporters to send us a selfie with their fiercest game face and challenge up to five friends to do the same! Luisa submitted her selfie alongside her daughter.

You join the MS Squad to here

“I decided to get involved to raise money. Obviously if I was ever in a position where I needed help, I would like to think that there are others out there that are willing to help out and fundraise. I hope that now we can do more to help people like my friend so the progression isn’t as bad as it has been with my Dad. We can beat it, if we keep raising money and keep getting support, we can beat it”

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