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Australia! Get Your Game Face On

Australia Launches a campaign called Get Your Game Face On and here are some examples; people posing with red lipstick athletic marks under their eyes

….oh and the rest of the world!

MS Research Australia has launched their new Kiss Goodbye To MS video. They are asking the world to Get Your Game Face On and join the MS Squad. You can watch the video below.

in 2018, the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign is all about helping people get their ‘game faces’ on and joining the MS Squad. Driven by social media and encouraged by their favourite influencers. people around the world will be joining the #MSSquad by applying their ‘game face’ and sharing an image or video on their social media channels.

This year, 15 countries are taking part in Kiss Goodbye to MS, aiming to raise $1.5m globally.

The campaign is being supported by celebrities who’ve shared their ‘game faces’. They have also asked their friends to “Get Your Game Face On”.

Twice as many women are diagnosed with MS than men. A chronic and unpredictable disease that needs serious solutions. It is usually first diagnosed when people are between the ages of 20 and 40, just when people are trying to start careers and families. It is a chronic and unpredictable disease that needs serious solutions.

Peer Banke, CEO if the MS International Federation said:  “Multiple Sclerosis is a life altering diagnosis, affecting 2.3million people worldwide. Kiss goodbye to MS is a campaign about hope, that together we can raise funds to accelerate research into MS and support people living with MS today. We are a growing, global community, and together we are stronger than MS. We’d like to invite everyone to put on their ‘game faces’ and join the MS Squad, because together we can Kiss Goodbye to MS for good.”

We have Squad leaders in 15 countries around the world. Now you can join them and support your local campaign as a fully fledged member of the MS Squad.

Join the MS Squad

Join the MS Squad and put on your game face for Kiss Goodbye to MS!

People living with MS put on their game face every single day.This May we challenge YOU to put on your game face in the most unusual place you can think of, post it to your socials and help us #KissGoodbyeToMS. Where will you put on your game face? https://bit.ly/2rBlc39

Posted by Kiss Goodbye to MS – Australia on Thursday, May 10, 2018

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