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Here’s how

1. Check What’s happening near you

There are 15 countries taking part this year. Click on the link below to find out if your country is taking part and how to fundraise for your local Kiss Goodbye to MS community. But don’t worry if your country is not on board yet, you can still take part by signing up right here, just see number 2, below…

2. Register as a fundraiser

Interested in fundraising for Kiss Goodbye to MS but your country isn’t on board yet? Great news! Registration is quick and easy, and once you are finished you will have your own unique URL to share with family and friends. You can also get a group together and register a team! Whether you are planning something big or small, something new or a tried and tested fundraising idea – every supporter makes a difference!

3. Our Manifesto

Read our manifesto to gain an insight into our Kiss Goodbye to MS global community. Learn about what we stand for, what we pledge to do and what unites us.

Hang this poster in your home, office or community centre to let people know that you’ve joined our movement.

4. Earn Rewards

Our brand new global awards are available in every country. Simply start fundraising for your campaign and earn your entry kiss. After that earning kisses is easy.

We have loyalty, lifetime, one-per-country and special rewards. Wear them virtually or physically and show the world you are kissing goodbye to MS. So what are you waiting for, start earning your kisses.

5. Need some inspiration?

The unique thing about Kiss Goodbye to MS is that you can support however you would like to! You could host a workplace morning tea, a dinner with friends, wear red lippy, take on a personal challenge, or hold a gala dinner – the options are limitless. Looking for some inspiration? Download the ideas we have come up with.

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